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Rider Courses

Scooter Training is taken along with the Basic Rider Motorcycle Course. You will be in the same class/range as the Motorcycle SafetyCourse. It is conducted on pavement, in a controlled site that is marked and equipped for the course.

Students must provide their own scooters, which must be under 500 cc's, must be able to balance and ride a bicycle, must have a valid permit, registration and provide proof of insurance and are required to wear personal protective gear during the riding portions of the course (DOT-compliant helmets, eye protection, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, long pants, gloves, sturdy over-the-ankle footwear). Gopeds, skateboard and electric powered types of scooters available for private property use do not meet DOT criteria and cannot be used in Scooter Training.

  • 4 hours of classroom*
  • 8 hours range*
  • You provide scooter (must be under 500 cc's)

* Time may vary due to class size and experience level


  • $100.00 (NON-REFUNDABLE)


What Do I Learn in Scooter Training?

Scooterists will receive instruction in and an opportunity to demonstrate fundamental skills for scooter operation and control; safety considerations for operating a scooter legally on the street; the importance of a positive riding attitude; safety habits to reduce risk; and overall, acquire the basic knowledge and skills to be a safe, responsible scooterist.

Specifically, students will practice starting out and stopping; riding through curves, stopping quickly, making tight turns, avoiding hazards and obstacles, increase safety awareness, help identify their personal riding abilities and their scooter's capabilities, and provide guidance for developing riding strategies to manage risk.

Scooter Training is patterned after the highly successful MSF Basic RiderCourse for novice motorcyclists using the same principles of adult learning, motor skills development, and safety and risk management.

How Old Do I Have to Be and where do I find more information regarding Scooter Laws?

Contact your respective Drivers License and Testing office regarding Scooter Laws.